Long-term investment versus short-term investment

In This blog post we are going to be talking about long-term property investment versus short-term property investment. The two types of property investments are completely different and you have to know what each one is. That is by we are dedicating this post into teaching you what each one is about so you can choose which type of investing you want to do. You might be a person who does either one or does both and are already reading this post.  We have noticed that there are two different types of investors with any type of investing.

Long-term investing- this is something that a lot of people like to do because they think it is safe zone investing.  This is the type of investment that people get into when they are too afraid to take any load of risk whatsoever. This is not something that is bad but you’re not going to see as high of a return when you invest in your properties. For example, a person that would be a long-term investors someone that is looking to get rental properties for a small residual income. The upside of this is that you can stack  and eventually it will grow very large if you have many different rental properties. The only problem with that is that you’re going to have to spend millions of dollars in buying property to get a very large residual monthly income. But when you get that income it is going to pay you out for the rest of your life. If you’re getting into this type of investing then we recommend that you get into apartment complexes or  resorts because these are going to pay you out a lot more because they have much more volume. You’ll have a smaller percentage because you will not own the whole thing but if there is a hotel that makes $100,000 a day and you on 1/10 of that, then you’re going to get that profit every single day and not just once a month and you will not have to maintain it as well because there’ll be a stop at that hotel to maintain it.

Short-term-short-term investing is for people that are looking for a high gain at a high risk. A perfect example of this would be people that flip homes for a living. You know who you are and you guys make a lot of money but your type of investing is extremely high-risk and you don’t know if it is going to work out all the time. A home could flip or he could flop but the good part about it is that it is property and  it is never going to go out of style. So if you have a house that is not going to sell right away it is not like you have to scrap it because it will eventually sell to the right buyer. So neither type of investing is really that risky it’s just that one is different depending on what type of person you are as well. You can make a lot more money and a lot faster flipping homes but on the downside you will have to keep doing that work over and over and over again. We would always recommend that you get into something that is long-term eventually so that you can quit working and retire one day to live the life that you have always wanted to live.

We have to give a special shout out to Keller Williams because we appreciate all the beautiful moms that they sell. They sell some of the most beautiful homes that you have ever seen and we have worked with them for many years on some rental properties that we own.  You can find them at Keller Williams.com.